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Fictions And Facts About Marriage Counseling By Auschratcounselling.Com


When it comes to getting advice on relationships, how well do you understand the fictions and facts about Marriage or love?

Most people take it for granted that love is the one thing which counts in choosing a life partner. “Do I love him?” or, “Do I love her enough?” Many young people believe that the answer to these questions should settle the matter of marriage. Bill might make a far better husband, but if Jill loves Jack more than she loves Bill, she will marry Jack.

In many other cultures and at other times and places, the idea of what is most important in marriage has been entirely different. Of course, the movies, stories, and ads present this point of view because it is in line with what we already believe, and want to keep on believing.  Back of it all is the very powerful force of public opinion. The fiction is accepted because that is the way marriage choices seem to work out in real life.

love, family and happiness concept - unhappy couple having argument at home

Before we assume that our thoughts are correct, or even better, we should ask ourselves how we have come by them.

So far as we as individuals are concerned, the answer is not difficult.  When giving advice on relationships we believe that love is the crucial matter in marriage because this idea has been drilled into us from childhood.  The media is partly responsible; most plots are so organized in movies and television. For example, parents who object to the love choices of their children are made to appear selfish and wrong.

For example, there was Cousin Gussie. All the family thought that her marriage was a mistake. But when she explained that he was the man she loved, that seemed to settle the question for everyone. Our friends have made what have seemed to others very peculiar choices. But we all seemed to feel that if they were really in love, there was nothing else for them to do.

These love matches did not always work out very well. Even in the stories, the glamorous Romeo, whom the girl left all to marry, was sometimes presented as little more than an attractive and exciting tramp. After the marriage, he may desert her and their children and leave them without financial or emotional support for months or even years at a time.

According to the fiction, despite all these hardships, the girl had done the only thing she could do; marry the man she loved.

These strange and often tragic choices are often explained on the basis that love just doesn’t make sense anyway.  Love is supposed to be some strange, mysterious Something which nobody can understand. The only way you can tell it is by the way you feel when your heart goes bumpity-bump, and all that. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it. It just IS, or IS NOT. You cannot make yourself love another, no matter how eager he may be to marry you, or how good a husband he would make. — Topnotch Couples Marriage Counseling in Edmonton

couples counseling Edmonton

I am Colin Auschrat, R.Psych.Counselling Psychologist. My goal as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in couples therapy and a couple coaching is straightforward: to help you become an excellent partner.

I offer short-term, results-focused, and high-impact professional marriage therapy Edmonton for couples. I provide actionable strategies that address a full range of couple’s issues. I design interventions focused on finding the fastest solution for facilitating change, using an integrative style that blends the best scientific (evidence-based) approaches.

Does it feel like your marriage or relationship is headed in the wrong direction? As a couples expert, I know emotional interventions can stop the gridlock, and have the power to establish and recreate a supportive, loving bond between partners.


When couples get qualified coaching and supportive emotional intervention, the relationship will get back on track, and the couples will feel safe together, feel valued and important to one another, be flexible, and communicate.

As a strategist, I work with clients who are seeking the best solution quickly. I invite you to schedule a session.


  • Colin Auschrat, R.Psych.Counselling Psychologist
  • Auschrat Counseling Services
  • Affiliated with Rejuvenation Health Services
  • 16028 100A Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4A2, Canada

– Client Testimonial

 “My wife and I chose Colin to help us with our relationship, and we’re glad we found him. We had a great first meeting (only fifty dollars!) and immediately felt comfortable working together. It was reassuring to know we had a pro in our corner who was just as involved as a friend would be.

– Client Testimonial

“What I learned is that to continue turning towards the relationship when there is a challenge is the best option. With Colin coaching us in session we learned to use soft beginnings when we sit down and communicate. Issues will always come up, for sure, but with Colin’s compassionate guidance, I know I’ll have the tools to deal with them.”

– Client Testimonial

 “Working with Colin was a pleasure. He is a resource for creativity and innovative thinking about the appealing possibilities for relationships, communication, and a quality life. Also, and as crucial, is his kindness and ability to be trusted. He points out areas of concern in a skillful way so that you feel inspired become a better communicator yourself.”

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B2B Marketplace Lead Generation Campaign

The main objective of any lead generation campaign is to acquire lifetime customers.  It can seem intimidating, but it’s not! It’s very simple. Treat your leads like real human beings, communicate, appreciate them and provide exceptional customer service. Nurturing email leads starts with a welcome email. Here are some tips on how you can get off to a right start in B2B Marketplace.

B2B Marketplace Lead Generation Tips

Have a welcome email

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and been completely ignored by the staff? Some of us have, and this is what it feels like if a lead signs up on your website and not receive a welcome email. Offer helpful, quick start advice- to encourage leads to engaging with your product you have to educate them on how they benefit from your service or product. A welcome email is the best opportunity for this.

B2B Marketplace Lead Generation

The speed of delivery

For B2B Marketplace lead generation, you need to send a welcome email immediately after they sign up. Some companies wait 10 minutes, but I personally think this is too long. Send it NOW and you will have a higher chance of keeping them interested. Speed of delivery is even more important if they signed up to receive a free report. This confirms that your system works effectively.. and that is a big deal.

Reward Them

In addition to welcoming your new leads, you should also reward them with a special offer. This is a great time  to encourage new leads to take action with a discount offer. Don’t assume they are not ready to buy, ask for the sale gently! Give them relevant links- one of the most important things you can do in your welcome email is to give them a link back to your website, even if they forget most of what they had just learned about you..they can still find their way back to you through their inbox! If they have just created an account, send them to your log in panel with their logging in details.

Getting the opt

In the beginning, nurturing those leads is what will make you a successful marketer in the long run. Get it right the first time, and you automatically increase your chances of them staying with you and hopefully marrying you

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Regrow Receding Gums Again With These Reliable Home Remedies

Regrow receding gums

Green tea, Aloe Vera and many other ingredients you can find in any home to regrow receding gums.

  • Do you often bleed gums with each tooth wash?
  • Do you eat any food that is too hot or too cold and your teeth and gums hurt?
  • Would you like your gums to grow back healthier?
  • How to regrow receding gums naturally?

As these home remedies can help you! The gums retract when the tissue surrounding the tooth shrinks or becomes worn making the teeth more visible.

This can create holes between the teeth and make the bacteria develop more easily in the mouth. In addition, the teeth become more sensitive the more visible they are. In very extreme cases you may end up with a damaged tooth or the loss of a dental piece. And although it is a common evil, it is often ignored.

The signs are increased sensitivity in teeth, increase in size and toothache.

The causes are many, but the most common are gum diseases such as gingivitis, poor oral hygiene, aggressive brushing, periodontal diseases, hormonal imbalances (especially in women), smoking and a bad genetic. Other less common causes are perforations on the tongue or lips, squeezing or grinding teeth, and chewing aggressively while eating.

Regrow Receding Gums With Home Remedies

A dentist could do you a cleaning or some intervention, but there are also some natural remedies that can be very effective against this problem. These are some:

  1. Green tea

Green tea has important benefits. It is a great source of antioxidants and can help you eliminate the free radicals that can cause periodontal disease. This tea contains catechism which is a potent antioxidant that treats any periodontal disease. Helps strengthen the connection between gums and teeth. Reduces swelling because it has anti-inflammatory properties the ideal is to drink a cup of tea in the morning regularly.

  1. Aloe Vera

Usually, aloe Vera is related to skin care but also has restorative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can be used as mouthwash.

Mix with water and gargle after brushing your teeth. You can also apply aloe Vera after brushing your teeth a little more with the product and then rinse.

  1. Oil pulling (mouthwash with oils)

It can be effective in preventing oral diseases and has anti-inflammatory effects. It can eliminate toxins and deposits of bacteria. Sesame oil, in particular, creates a protective coating on your teeth. This can prevent plaque buildup.

Heat it but not much. Rinse with this after brushing your teeth for 30 seconds or a minute. The idea is that you can get to the point where you can swish for 15 to 20 minutes.

The coconut oil also works well. It relieves bacterial infection, prevents cavities and cures the oral cavity, helping you to grow retracted gums again.

  1. Eucalyptus

Another natural remedy that brings many benefits is eucalyptus. Reduce swelling of the gums as it has potent anti-inflammatory properties Eucalyptus essential oils have stronger effects than herbs, as it fights bacteria, germs and mouth infections.

Dilute it with water when you use it as it is very strong. 1 or 2 tablespoons of water with 1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil Soak a brush in the oil and then apply it to the gums. Finally massage gently.

  1. Myrrh

The resin of the Myrrh tree is the key. It is very effective for curing mouth diseases as well as gum problems.

It crushes the resin until it becomes a powder although there are also some that are already ground. Mix the powder with water and make a paste to apply on the gums, then massage for several minutes.

  1. Clove Oil

Toothaches have been treated with clove oil for a long time, as it fights germs, bacteria and various diseases that are lodged in the mouth. Relieves swelling and has anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is used after meals. It is even used to get rid of bad breath.

Take 1-2 drops of clove oil and massage the gums with it. Do these 3 times a day.

Extra Prevention Methods To Regrow Receding Gums:

  • Maintain regular hygiene in the mouth.
  • Do not brush aggressively.
  • Do not press gums so hard.
  • Use soft brushes in a circular way.
  • Use soft bristles with a small head
  • Floss after each meal.
  • If you cannot floss, use dental floss.
  • A healthy diet can also help you.

A diet rich in nutrients is vital for the health of the mouth and gums. Reduce carbonated beverages or high sugar as they accelerate the development of bacteria. Avoid caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, and white flour foods. Eat vegetables and fruits that have vitamin C. This is vital for the gums and can prevent swelling, for example, broccoli, pineapples, asparagus, oranges, and strawberries.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners Edmonton- Why Practice Is Important?

The real key to success “practice does not make perfect, and perfect practice makes perfect”. But one big question that may come into your mind as a learner is, what I have to practice to start playing guitar? Actually, how well you play the guitar and how fast you learn is directly related to how much you practice. There is no secret to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll play! Here are some guitar lessons for beginners Edmonton guidelines to help you get started on the right track.

Guitar Edmonton

  • As it is imperative to practice, but you need to practice it correctly. At present, the Internet allows you to learn on your own, learn how to practice.
  • Practice every day. It is better to practice fifteen minutes every day 2 hours one day a week. Even if you have one hour a day, try to divide it into two times of 1/2 hour.
  • Always, try to play guitar with the guitar tuned. There are several ways to tune the guitar, but it is good to buy your tuner. In guitar lessons for beginners Edmonton you learn to tune by ear, but give yourself time to understand.
  • Good posture will allow more leverage your moments of study. You always need to be aware of your posture, but especially now that you’re starting. You should review all the important steps slowly and methodically, to form good habits.
  • Look closely at the position every time you practice playing guitar. Try playing in front of a mirror in which you see your full posture and can correct any bad posture.
  • When you play chords or notes, place your fingers just behind the fret, as close as possible without touching it.
  • Try to keep your thumb behind the mast with little peek above.
  • Make sure you always have short fingernails of your left hand.
  • Avoid any stress, stay relaxed. Use the right pressure of your fingers, do not sink your fingers on the fingerboard.

If your posture and hand positions are inappropriate or neglected are going to work against you, and you will take longer to learn. It is important to be comfortable when you are playing. Guitar lessons for beginners Edmonton help you to learn how to sit, how to finger a chord or a note correctly, how to tap accurately, which will help a lot in developing some skills in playing guitar.

About Guitar Lessons For Beginners in Edmonton

Mr. Billy B. has been teaching guitar both offline and online for more than 10 years. With patience and more practice anybody can learn to play the guitar. With his experience and knowledge it is simple to learn to play the guitar.  Join Best Guitar Lessons For Beginners in Edmonton near Yellowhead & Victoria Trail.

Call or Text Mr. Billy B. 780-222-4280

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Guitar Lessons Edmonton

Things To Consider When Buying Kentucky Branded Sportswear

As you know, the sport requires special equipment and even clothing. That could not be sure of participating in particular sports without these accessories protective clothing. For example, it is forbidden to enjoy ice hockey, without special equipment. In addition, it is really difficult to get pleasure from baseball without shoes costs. Therefore, all qualified and beginners need sports clothing and school supplies, but these products can be quite expensive.


Actually, you will find a very expensive sport that requires investment strategies large as a golf game. However, for almost every sports fashion that does not require expensive equipment. Moreover, this does not mean that there is really any trouble buying clothes and great sports equipment. The following are some helpful tips.

If you’re searching for Kentucky branded sportswear for your children, for example, football uniforms, you should look the web merchants. Of course, this is really a good choice when you have no grounds for second-hand clothes. The point is that, in fact, children grow quickly, so the use of sportswear is only for a short period. For this reason, this kind of dress is in exceptional condition!

Similarly, the price of used clothing is substantially lower compared to the cool sportswear. Often, teams of young children offer clothing collections. Therefore, this is really an excellent opportunity to buy high-quality Kentucky branded sportswear with popular names.

Some parents prefer to reduce expenses and cheap sportswear stores that cannot withstand the initial cleaning. It’s really better to buy high quality used clothing compared to buying fresh produce clothes unfamiliar companies.

If you had enough money to buy new sportswear, you could find through search engines. You’ll find plenty of online stores that advertise top sports supplies and clothing prices also minimal deal. So the solution is to review sites cost comparison you could find certain types of products, information about online providers who promote, and costs. Therefore, you need to choose the ideal products and save money too.

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Sportswear differs from traditional seals mainly because it must be durable and easy to clean. Due to excessive sweating in sports activities, you have to wash your shirt as well. Undoubtedly, you do not want your sportswear to become useless junk after several washings and use. For this reason, it is vital to buy high quality clothing. Probably the main idea is to try to find comments on specific sports leaders for sports cards. You might find practical ideas and also recommended companies.

Buy University of Kentucky Clothing

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Portable Stage For Hire – Creativity And Convenience

To make a dramatic impact for your presentation or you are organizing a play, a music concert or production, a portable staging system is the best solution that will please the crowd. You can hire portable stage as they are available in different types for both indoor and outdoor shows or events. As every event is very important for you where you will be viewed and judged by the people, friends or the media. You want to put your best in every aspect of the show including the stage. Portable stage risers give more visibility of all performers that help in judging at contests.


How to construct the support column for a lightweight stage deck?

  • Cut four pieces of plywood for each column 60 cm high by 45 cm wide. Each notch piece at the end of a short side of 7.5 cm width and 9 cm in height.
  • Glue and nail together pieces with all notches, facing the same way in a column of 45 cm by 49.5 cm wide.
  • Make pilot holes and add at least two screws 3.2 cm at each joint platform. The column is designed to keep the corners of four platforms together. Use one column for each corner where two or more platforms are at each corner and one outside.
  • Add staples to the junctions between the platforms for maximum stability.
  • Put carpet on the underside of the plywood or grip on foam insulation will help to reduce noise. The idea is to set your stage for outdoor events or road concrete.

Use plywood of different heights as wedges, for even rows as needed. If the event is being set up on grass, use squares of plywood 61 cm to set columns to avoid sinking.  

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However, you can leave the whole task of designing the stage to the service provider company’s staff after giving them brief instructions, and they will come up with ideas that will wow you. They not only help you with platform for your event, but also provide you equipment like sound systems, etc. You can get the best deals at more affordable rates. They can manage transportation, setting up and dismantling of the stage to save you time. From catwalks to talks and panel discussions at conferences, renting a portable stage is the right solution.

Visit to read reviews of the leading manufacturers of portable staging UK,  compare prices to choose the best deal. If you want help to decide which option will match your budget and particular requirements, don’t hesitate to call 0845 838 7572.

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Mechanical Strength Of Cutting Tool & Shredder Cutter Parts

The materials for cutting tools include carbon steels, alloy steels, mid, high speed steels, cast alloys, cemented carbides, ceramics or oxides and diamonds.

  • The carbon forms carbide with iron, which makes responsive quenching and thus increases the hardness, mechanical strength and wear resistance. The carbon content of tool steels is between 0.6% and 1.4%.
  • The chrome if added increases the wear resistance and toughness; the content is between 0.25% and 4.5%.

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  • The cobalt is generally used in high speed steels for hot hardness. In order to use the tools with cutting speeds and higher temperatures and still maintain the hardness and the cutting edge, the content is between 5% and 12%.
  • The molybdenum is a strong base to form carbides and increasing the strength factor, wear resistance and hot hardness. It is always used in conjunction with other alloying elements. The content is up to 10%.
  • The tungsten improves hot hardness and mechanical strength, the content is between 1.25% and 20%.
  • The vanadium increases the hot hardness and abrasion resistance, the content of the carbon tool steel is 0.20% to 0.50%, in high speed steels is between 1% and 5%.

The efficiency of the tool and shredder cutter parts depends on the material of which they are made, and the edge shape. Tools alloy steel is not good at temperatures above 250 ° C, and as we know the edge of the tool is very important for the surface quality of the work piece. If you want to work with high speeds and temperatures, then it is recommended to use tools or alloy steel (SS) that maintain its toughness and edge.


Ceramic tools are useful for finishing work, to break very easily by its hardness, and are not very efficient at turning work at high speeds, its primary disadvantage is that you cannot hit upon the turning and will lose its edge.

It is recommended to use cutting tools having best tool steel properties that you can find from It is a leading manufacturing company offers all kinds of cutting tools Baler Blades and shear blades at affordable prices.

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Difficulty In Sleeping And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Difficulty sleeping and having a tough time focusing on day-to-day routine are a few of the issues connected with people afflicted by this kind of shoulder pain. Keep reading about Chiropractic Denver CO and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment.

Here are a few Reason;

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a reason which may result in pain in the arm. Broken bones, fractures or an easy sprain within the forearm, because of a crash or perhaps a fall might result in extreme pain. A trauma like a mishap or an injury that has an impact on the neck area, can cause muscle strain. But, the pain may not be experienced initially, but might appear gradually as soon as the arm is moved. Pain in the base of the skull is often related to harm to the nerve that’s passing through that zone.
  • Pain within the arm muscle is really a problem faced by loads of individuals, irrespective of their age. If there’s severe hip pain, utilize a crutch or possibly a cane when walking. Arthritis is among the frequent cause of hip pain. Maybe It doesn’t be painful during childhood, but can result in arthritis, and so lead to hip pain. Snapping hip syndrome is distinguished through an audible snap occurring in and around the hip.
  • A pinched nerve is just another common reason behind pain within the arm muscle. Occasionally, the reason for the pain may be directly related to some problem within the shoulder, and in others, the true wellspring of pain could possibly be in a different portion of the body, such as the abdomen, but the pain is felt within the shoulder. Radiating pain may produce the neck muscles stiff, along with the discomfort might travel every one of the way to the arms. It can result in mild to medium hip pain whilst walking. This over usage of the neck muscles can lead to pain in the base of the skull. This may also cause neck pain in the base of the skull. Here are a few common solutions for Functional Medicine Expert in Denver
  • Inflammation of tendons is recognized as tendinitis. Certain neck exercise also can be helpful to enhance the strength and decrease the stiffness of muscles. In case your hand got banged against a tough surface in a disaster, then fracture can happen within the finger bones or the cartilage could get twisted abnormally. Cold compression is, also, helpful.


Keeping up a great body weight along with the appropriate posture can stop the pain from occurring due to minor reasons. In case you are suffering from hip pain while walking, you need to consult your doctor as early as possible to exact the reason for the pain. If you’re suffering from a backache, consult an experienced physician to counteract the issue. In the event the pain is connected to an injury, it is advisable to take plentiful of rest and prevent any stressful activity. To avoid taking a deep breath may be a temporary solution to lower the pain.

chiro image

Shoulder pain in Pregnancy:

Shoulder pain while pregnant is one problem that you need never to ignore. In the event the pain is connected to over-stressing of the hip muscles, it’s desirable to cut back on any activities which will aggravate the issue. Following a wholesome lifestyle further is an important factor to maintain hip pain at bay. Early diagnosis can help you to prevent any further complications. Find more tips here: Active Release Chiropractic Denver For Shoulder Pain

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Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is usually treated with pain medications like corticosteroids, as a way to deal with the inflammation of the joints. Inflamed tendons within the shoulders, caused due to lifting weights within the gym might lead to upper arm pain too. The fingers include bones, ligaments and tendons. The bones get so weak the vibrations arising from coughing can lead to fracture, ultimately causing pain.

Your consulting chiropractor would tailor a fitness regimen, exclusively for you, so as to control the status and protect against future occurrences of the very same. Steer clear of weight-bearing exercises, since they might produce the situation even worse. The individual could also experience pain while sneezing, coughing, walking, etc.. You need to seek advice from your chiropractor to identify the reason, and strictly follow the directions given by your chiropractor.

Dr. Glenn Hyman Chiropractic Denver

Dr. Glenn Hyman is a different chiropractor who specializes in severe cases that have not responded to other care. All treatment plans are highly personalized based on your particular history, needs, and goals.

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How To Renovate Your house with Staircases Sheffield?

The stage is now more than just a tool to continue. From one floor to another a well-designed Staircases Sheffield is a real atmosphere creator. It does not matter if the staircase is part of the living room, or hallway. A beautiful staircase is an eye catcher that enhances the character of a home. Are you going to build a new house, or you want to replace your current stage? We will give you some tips to keep in mind when designing new contemporary staircases.


Often people only see the installation of a new staircase as an option for an old staircase. By the stairs to renovate with transfer steps, the stage is now new again and goes back many years. Do you have a wooden staircase, you can also sandblast it, if hard wood are stained or varnished stairs and railings.

A staircase should also be safe. A handle is not enough. A handrail is necessary but obviously increases the design problem. A half-solved problem remains a problem, in this case “less dangerous”. Often people only see the installation of a new staircase as an option for an old staircase.

Staircases are composed of slender strip steel stringers in between wooden steps are confirmed. The steps are made of beech wood and are at the back of a shovel edge. The handrail is made of beech and is attached to strip steel balusters. Between the balusters is chosen at this stage for a refill of perforated panels. The filling between the panels can be performed in different ways, so, you could think of: – Glass / polycarbonate white or in color – between lines about 3 to 5 lines above each other.

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An easy access to your building is important for the safety of your employees and a welcoming reception of your clients and contacts. specializes in the manufacture and supply of steel stairs for businesses and individuals. We advise, design, build and assemble the ladder as you have in mind. All your desired shape, size and color of a steel staircase are possible.

Staircase Manufacturers UK offers stairs and ramps to deliver your building to building regulations. In the showroom you get a good idea of the possibilities with the standard stairs and custom designed stairs. is a reliable and competent supplier of Contemporary Staircases in Sheffield.

The Stair Company UK Limited
870 Penistone Road
Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 2DL
Phone: 0114 285 4994


How To Save On Big Porsche Repair Bills?

How to Check if your Porsche car has some electric circuit problem? Considering the fact that an average car has miles of wiring within its body, you would think that it would be difficult to test all of this to ensure it is working correctly. With a multimeter, it is not hard to go through each of the major circuits if you feel something is wrong. This is the first place that you should start if you are noticing strange things happening with the electronic devices in the car. Do not assume that the devices are broken until you find out if the problem is with the wiring.


To check the circuits, you just need to locate the fuse box. This is generally near the steering wheel though all cars are different. Once you have found it, take the cover off and look at the diagram on the back. This will show you what each fuse is for. You can then connect the black wire from the multimeter to the metal casing. With this in place, you can connect the red end to the fuses in order. If the multimeter does not show that a fuse is getting 12 volts, you know that something is wrong.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Tie Rod?

If your tie rods go bad, you could be in trouble. This is a somewhat serious problem for your vehicle. Tie rods that are not replaced when they begin to go bad may cause your car to go out of control. If they just break in your driveway, this might not be a big problem. If they break while you are going seventy miles an hour, you could be in a major accident. You should hire a mechanic if you see any signs that point to bad tie rods.

Most of the symptoms that you should look out can be rather clear. For instance, the tie rods could be going bad if the steering wheel is shaking while you are driving. If the car seems to be vibrating more than normal, even on smooth roads. You should also have them checked if the car seems to be wandering all over the road, even when you did not adjust the steering wheel. These things could also signify other issues, such as a car with an alignment problem, but you would be wise to have a mechanic check the tie rods to be sure.

Champion Porsche Dealer

Champion Porsche Dealer Miami by has a team of certified technicians that make your Porsche’s maintenance easier by bringing the maintenance to you. ChampionMotorSport number one priority is keeping all Porsch owners secure on the road.

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How Can Gingival Recession Affect Healthy Mouths?

The gingival recession is a slow and gradual process that can happen at any age, although it is most common in adults. This condition has several causes, such as incorrect brushing, applying excessive force to the act of brushing, or use of inappropriate tools such as stiff bristle toothbrush. Some other conditions such as poor tooth position or bruxism, are also causes of gingival retraction.

How to reverse receding gums? But did you know that even those who have a healthy mouth can suffer from this evil? Yes, though few cases are, there are reports of occurrences gingival retraction without any apparent cause, and in healthy mouths. Prevention involves the adoption of good oral hygiene practices: proper tooth brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits.

Gingival recession

What is gum recession?

It happens when there is a displacement of the gum and, with that, an exposure of the roots of teeth. This condition can affect only one tooth or several of them. Due to this exposure of the root disappears a coating layer and that exposes another portion of the tooth, the dentin, which is extremely sensitive. Further, it can cause tooth decay, dental hypersensitivity, and aesthetic problems.

What are the symptoms?

There are many series of symptoms such as:

  • Exposure root of the teeth;
  • Bleeding gums in the act of brushing;
  • Bad breath;
  • Feeling that the teeth are “loose”
  • Pain in the teeth;
  • Excessive sensitivity, even using cutlery.

It is important to find a dentist quickly when they appear the symptoms of gingival recession. The sooner this condition is treated, the less likely to undergo surgery to correct the problem.

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What are the options for treating?

There are a number of treatments available for gingival retraction, and generally, they are set to conform concerned. Typically, the first step is to address hypersensitive teeth and to this end, practitioners generally prescribe mouthwash like Nature’s Smile with some specific solutions or even fluoride application.

Causes of gingival recession

Poor brushing – In these cases, treatment takes the form of re-education of the act of brushing. The dentist can teach you new techniques for cleaning; prescribe new toothpaste or even a new toothbrush with softer bristles.

Gums Health– Any inflammation or infection of the gums can cause shrinkage if left untreated. In such cases, usually resorts to a treatment noninvasive, such as descaling by a professional cleaning and plaque. If the gum is greatly affected, it can do a regenerative therapy.

Dental procedures – Certain cases of gum recession are associated with dental implants, placement machine or bleaching sessions. In such cases, if there is enough inflammation of the gums, it can make regenerative sessions to correct the problem.

NS gum balm

Use Naturessmile oral gum balm after brushing and flossing to heal gum recession. By going deep into the gum pockets, the natural ingredients of Nature’s Smile successfully overcome all oral problems. Within weeks your gums will be reversed. It has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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“Am I Doing This Right?”

In my high school’s impoverished library sat a lonely book entitled, (Those Awkward Years) Twixt Twelve and Twenty. What high schooler is ever going to read that book? We were living it!

Turns out Pat Boone recorded the most gosh awful song ever based on that title. But the lyrics… if you can avoid the music… tell an all too true tale.

They say the years
Twixt twelve and twenty
Are the years of
Confusion and doubt

Now, I’m no developmental psychologist although I play one on the internet. In layman’s terms, my wife and I call the “confusion and doubt” phase that kids go through “stinking”. Something happens when kids approach their early teens that turns them inside out, upside down, and makes them uneasy with life in general.

A real developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, described the teen years as the beginning of the Formal Operational Stage. (Big words for “stinking” if you ask me.) Here’s the definition:

Abstract thought emerges during the formal operational stage. Children tend to think very concretely and specifically in earlier stages. Children begin to consider possible outcomes and consequences of actions.

To understand this, let me back up a couple stages. When a child begins to discover that letters represents sounds and begins to write those letters, something interesting happens. The child sees letters p,q,b,d (for example) and notices that all of them are the same shape – a circle with a line on it – and he wonders “What’s the difference?”. Questioning and experimentation are essential for the child to finally anchor the right shape that goes with the right sound. Some kids wrestle with this more than others.

In my mind, the same thing happens in adolescence. Only twixt twelve and twenty, the child is wrestling with abstract ideas of right and wrong, actions and consequences, risk and reward. “Because I said so!” works great with six year olds, not so much with sixteen year olds. THIS IS NOT BECAUSE TEEN YEARS REQUIRE REBELLION. Dad, back off! Your kids are, for the first time in their lives, wrestling with ideas… and they’re not going to get everything right the first time.

I have four boys. Everyone of them have hit the high vertical wall of adolescence and started “stinking”. They gave me attitude for absolutely no reason. They were moody for no reason. They became irresponsible where, in the past, they were very reliable. Hey, they stink!

At these moments, it is very easy for a parent to think, “Ok, this is where the wheels come off the wagon. I’m losing my child.” Take it from me (and my youngest turns 18 in two weeks, I know what I’m talking about), this is not how or when you lose your child! Believe it.

It may help you to put your child’s behavior in context of a question, as if they’re asking the world – “I’ve never been here before. Am I doing this right?”

How do you act when you have “confusion or doubt”. You’re not the loveliest person at that moment, are you? Ever gone through four, five, six, seven years of confusion or doubt? Well, yes you have. You were a stinking teen once, too. Remember? Or do you see your teen years as totally different from what your teen children are putting you through? Maybe you need to have a talk with your mom and dad!

Let me give two strong points of advice and one encouraging word.

Advice #1 – You have to change, too. “Do as I say” is done. Don’t try that again. It will only distance you from your child. In one of my first posts here at It’s Good To Be The Dad, I said something you need to hear again now:

I have never had a bad conversation with a child that begins with “I want to explain why I think this is important.”

If your “house rules” are proper, you – the adult – should be able to explain why. Don’t treat your kid like a kid… he or she is racing toward adulthood and they’re wrestling with ideas, not rules. Meet them where they are!

Advice #2 – Equip your maturing child with effective language and behavior. I have told every one of my sons, “I know you need to pull away, but your job is to be lovely about.” And I went on to give them permission to say, “I disagree with you.” or “I don’t like that decision.” Talk to your children about how people in your workplace disagree, but still manage to be kind to one another. Teach them about the world they are entering.

Encouraging Word – Dad, lean close to the computer screen, I need to tell you something very important. “They. Come. Back.”

I still remember standing in the Olathe (KS) Walmart talking to my friend Craig Jaggard whose son, Jason, was just a couple years older than my oldest son. Craig and I talked about everything I’ve written here. Craig looked at me with mature, wise eyes and said, “Clark, they come back.”

Tears welled up heavily in my eyes at the thought that these little guys, whom I have loved since the moment of their conception, have not forsaken and abandoned me. They’re just finding their own, adult path into a confusing world… just as I had.

In essence… no, in pure reality, I asked Craig, “Am I doing this right?” To this moment, I am blessed by his encouraging wisdom.

Fathers, be good to your children. You can’t tell them where to go, but you can help them find their way, out into the world… and back again.

Carhartt vs Yoga Pants

Q: Why does a worker wear a Carhartt coat to the winter construction site?

Q: Why does a 15 year old girl wear yoga pants to high school?

Clue: The answer to both questions is exactly the same.

Before I reveal the astounding answer, let’s see how the purveyors of Carhartts and yoga pants promote their product.

Two wildly different commercials, wouldn’t you say? I wouldn’t.
I think they are advertising the exact same thing in the exact same way.

A: The answer to both questions above is simply, “to get what they want”.
In economics, the term is utility – a measure a satisfaction that a product or service delivers.

A bush pilot, a hunter, an outdoor winter construction worker all want something specific – warmth. Carharrt, so I’m told, is a leading manufacturer of outerwear that satisfactorily keeps people warm.

A female girl on her way into high school, college classroom, the mall, etc, wants something – acceptance. Yoga pants satisfactorily deliver acceptance because they are allegedly stylish, currently in fashion, and maybe most importantly for young girls, yoga pants visually attract the attention of young men.

Whether Carhartts or yoga pants, saggy jeans or flannel shirts, most people (who have the means to afford a choice) choose clothes that deliver utility – clothes that get them what they want.

Bear all that in mind as I refer to a blog posted last Friday by Entitled “What’s Your Daughter Wearing?”, the article wisely encouraged dads to talk to their daughters about what they wore. The article posed a difficult discussion topic: “Where do you draw the line with modesty?” I wrote a friend, the editor at, and asked, “Why does it matter?”

Now I’m asking my readership the same question, Does it matter, to you, what your teen daughter wears in public? If it does matter, can you express why it matters? As a dad, I’ve tried very, very hard to not be “a legislative parent” crowing “those are my rules and you have to follow them”. My parents were like that and I don’t want to repeat that folly.

Before I lay down the law with my kids, I challenge myself to defend my law first, in light of impartial truth and secondly, in light of what is really essential for me to impart to me children. I survived the 60s and 70s battle over boys with long hair. It was a stupid and worthless battle – on both sides – I’m not going to knowingly repeat that mistake as a parent.

The article encouraged dads to talk with older [teen] daughters and “tell her exactly what a young man is thinking when he sees a woman in a revealing or suggestive outfit.” I totally agree.

Boys have one track minds. Whether you believe in special creation or evolution, the results are in. Males are hard-wired to think (virtually non-stop) about sex. (If you don’t believe that, I’m sorry for  your blindness. This discussion is not for you.) Men are especially visually stimulated. King David didn’t fall for Bathsheba until he saw her bathing outdoors. An insightful interview with Henry Kissinger never made the centerfold of Playboy Magazine.

Clothing styles have changed a lot over the years. Poodle skirts of the 50s and preppy khakis of the 80s were the watermelon and corn-on-the-cob of the Fourth of July picnic. Yoga pants are the fireworks grand finale. Whether a girl consciously intends to arouse boys visually by wearing yoga pants… well, we can play that game for a long time, can’t we? But let’s say that she is simply wearing tight-fitting, form-following leggings because she doesn’t want to appear dowdy and unfashionable. I’ll allow that as a true and innocent motivation. But a girl’s motivation does not define how boys will perceive her!

The question lingers, does yoga pants girl (YPG) intend to arouse the boys? I have no way of knowing. Many will say that there is a difference between dressing sexy and dressing sexually. Many will say that YPG just wants to be trendy and in style. We cannot, must not judge YPG’s motives.

But we must also embrace facts. Somewhere between 40% and 70% of teen girls aged 15 to 19 have had sex. I would be hard pressed to be convinced that, given this high incidence of sexual behavior, that YPG does NOT know what she’s doing. (In other words, I am drawing a line of observation between the manner of dress and the incidence of sexual activity.)

Morals and values are the private province of each heart, each person, each family. This blog is not about legislating my values on others. What I’d like to do, along with my friends at, is encourage you to talk you children, sons and daughters about the idea utility and how we go about getting what we want.

Yes, I suppose that YPG is dressing that way to get what she wants, so let’s be clear about what we think she really wants. There is an old and well proven adage that males give acceptance to get sex and females give sex to get acceptance.

As a father of boys, I have tried to raise sons who did not take advantage of the girl’s desire for acceptance to get sex for himself. If I were the father of girls, I would legislate against yoga pants and encourage my daughters not to take advantage of a boy’s desire for sex to get acceptance for herself.

And I’d probably encourage her to wear a Carhartt coat to prom, just to be safe!

10s Get 10s

We have a saying around our house, “10s get 10s”. It’s not a law of the universe, more like a proverb (which simply means something proves to be true often enough that you can generally rely on it). Think of the clichéd high school romance – the football quarterback and the cheerleader. It’s a cliché because it happens often enough in reality that we understand what it’s telling us… “10s get 10s”.

This all started when I showed my boys this three minute snippet from a Discovery Channel show, The Science of Sex Appeal.

I encourage you to watch it and then to share it with your children (probably teens will understand it best).

My point in all this is to stimulate my sons to be 10s. Oh, you’ve see the family photos… “good luck with that”, right?

Fortunately, we’ve evolved a little bit beyond appreciating pure physical attraction. Our mate-seeking preferences extend to consider a person’s work ethic, disposition, and compatibility of interests. The good news is we all can be(come) 10s in many ways other than what the “mirror, mirror on the wall” tells us. And this applies to far more than just pair-bonding.

I recently shared this graph with my youngest son. I call it the “10s get 10s” graph. (You should be

able to click and enlarge it.) The black, bell curve line represents the “application of abilities”. Not many of us are the absolute best on earth at any one thing (raw ability). But we can all make an effort to apply the abilities that we do have.

Whether playing the piano or soccer, bussing tables, or managing a Fortune 500 company, most of us are likely to get better based on the diligence with which we apply our ability. We approach “10ness” by our efforts to get better. The bell curve indicates that most people are satisfied with being a 4, 5, 6, or 7. Moving to the far right side of the curve simply takes more effort than most humans want to give… but I believe that high-value ground is available to more people than will ever go there.

The ascending red line represents the “…get 10s” side of the equation – opportunities and rewards. To go back to our cliché, the quarterback (the one with a 10 on his forehead) tends to attract the attention of the cheerleader (with a 10 on her forehead). Again and fortunately, we’re not all stuck in the mediocre rut our looks and natural abilities afford us. The more we apply our abilities, the more likely (it’s a proverb, remember) we are to experience rewards for our efforts, whether that be relatively higher income, relatively more satisfying relationships, perceived greater esteem, etc.

Dads, this is where YOU come in. I urge you to think about this topic and consider translating it to your children. (I love running errands with my children or taking them to lunch and talking about things just like this.) Examples of “10s get 10s” are all around us and worth using as teaching opportunities with our children.

A youngster picked to be the soccer team captain is probably a child that shows up consistently and works hard at practice – it’s not always the team’s leading scorer. The child selected to assist the teacher on a demonstration is usually one who has paid attention and shown an interest in class. Summer mowing jobs usually go to the neighbor kid who did a good job the first time. And healthy, life-long relationships go, not to star-crossed lovers, but to those who work at love day in and day out.

You can find innumerable examples of “10s get 10s” in your immediate world and explain them to your children. I hope you do. I hope you emphasize that people who work at applying their abilities are the people who tend to experience greater opportunities and rewards for their efforts. Because that’s how life tends to work.

A personal example comes to mind right now that will uniquely illustrate this. I consider myself something of a barbeque aficionado – both producing and consuming it. Years ago, when KC Masterpiece bbq sauce was just hitting the national tongue, I did a taste test with some friends comparing my sauce to Rich Davis’ nasty, molassesey Texas-style sauce (in my humble opinion). ALL of my taste-testers liked mine better. When I made the big reveal, that they had all selected my sauce over the million dollar competitor, one friend looked at me flatly, saying “everybody makes better sauce than KC Masterpiece. Davis just got his out there.”

It’s all true. Rich Davis brewed small batches of his sauce in his home kitchen, bottled it, and went door-to-door, store-to-store, pestering his way onto grocery shelves. He applied his abilities (and mediocre sauce) and became a 10, making millions of dollars along the way.

Me, I still make better sauce, but you’d never know it. I’m working at being a 10 dad, not saucier. What about you?

Clark H Smith

First Day of School

Yesterday I posted some thoughts about College Drop Off Day.  Today, I’m looking at the other end of the spectrum – First Day of School (especially first graders).

The first day of First Grade is an exciting time for students and overwhelming moment for parents.  Two decades later, I still have part of a lump in my throat from my oldest son’s first day.  Here’s a short video documenting the day.  (Please forgive the hairstyles and fashion disasters!)

If you are one of those parents about to introduce a first grader to school life, there’s hope.  You will get them back at the end of the day!  I asked a good friend of mine, Marsha Butler, to share some thoughts about getting your child ready for that big first day at school.  Marsha has been teaching elementary school in Kansas for 35 years.  (She started at age 9, I guess.)  I asked Marsha about teaching awards she’s received.  Her response: “Hugs are the best rewards.”butler

Thanks Marsha!  Great advice that I know will help parents and students alike.  I want to add a thought… I got kind of choked up when Marsha asked us to be an encourager to the teacher.  My mom was an elementary teacher and our family has also homeschooled with my wife doing the heavy lifting of teaching.  I whole-heartedly agree that teachers need – and deserve – encouragement.  I hope that all my readers will make a point of being a most encouraging parent this school year.  Who knows, maybe the teacher will give you an apple!There are lots of great things to do to prepare both parents and beginning kindergartners or first graders the summer before the year begins.

As you approach the first day of school, talk about school in a positive light. Talk about how they will be away from home without a parent.  Discuss how much fun it will be learning new things.  During the summer, plan play dates with children that are the same age and may be in the same class.  Invite children to your house, but also be sure they have time away from you, too.  Discuss sharing, manners, being helpful, and be a good friend. Two to three weeks before the beginning of school, walk to the school and play on the playground.   Get the school supply list and let your child help pick out the supplies they need.  Maybe talk about the clothes that they will be wearing and pick out a new shirt or outfit.  If the child is riding a bus to or from school, talk about what that will be like and find an older child to help them at first.

Before school begins, establish a schedule at home and especially a bedtime.  Children need about ten hours of sleep.  Be sure they are eating a healthy breakfast.  Talk about the lunch that they will have at school or if they take their lunch, what choices they will have.  This is a good time to talk about good nutrition. The week before schools starts, do a dress rehearsal of the first day of school.  Be sure they have plenty of time so that you are not rushing out the door.  Most schools have an evening before school starts that families can tour the building, meet the teacher, and see the room.  Be sure you go and meet the teacher.  This may be a time for parents to sign-up to volunteer or be a part of PTA or PTO.  Children that see their parents involved in school will understand the importance of school.   Always be an encourager to the teacher… they need your support!  That week before, have your child write a little note or picture for the teacher. The night before, everybody as an early bedtime.  After a good breakfast, parents take your child to school and say good bye at the door.  (If you are going to cry, hold it until after they are in the room).  Do not make the good-bye long.  Reassure the child you will see them after school is out.  If this is an emotional time, plan to meet other parents at a local coffee shop to talk about it.   After school is out, be excited to hear about your child’s day and what they did.  Plan a celebration – a favorite dinner or dessert.   Be consistent with the schedule, reading, and homework.