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B2B Marketplace Lead Generation Campaign

The main objective of any lead generation campaign is to acquire lifetime customers.  It can seem intimidating, but it’s not! It’s very simple. Treat your leads like real human beings, communicate, appreciate them and provide exceptional customer service. Nurturing email leads starts with a welcome email. Here are some tips on how you can get […]

How To Renovate Your house with Staircases Sheffield?

The stage is now more than just a tool to continue. From one floor to another a well-designed Staircases Sheffield is a real atmosphere creator. It does not matter if the staircase is part of the living room, or hallway. A beautiful staircase is an eye catcher that enhances the character of a home. Are […]

“Am I Doing This Right?”

In my high school’s impoverished library sat a lonely book entitled, (Those Awkward Years) Twixt Twelve and Twenty. What high schooler is ever going to read that book? We were living it! Turns out Pat Boone recorded the most gosh awful song ever based on that title. But the lyrics… if you can avoid the […]

Carhartt vs Yoga Pants

Q: Why does a worker wear a Carhartt coat to the winter construction site? Q: Why does a 15 year old girl wear yoga pants to high school? Clue: The answer to both questions is exactly the same. Before I reveal the astounding answer, let’s see how the purveyors of Carhartts and yoga pants promote […]

10s Get 10s

We have a saying around our house, “10s get 10s”. It’s not a law of the universe, more like a proverb (which simply means something proves to be true often enough that you can generally rely on it). Think of the clichéd high school romance – the football quarterback and the cheerleader. It’s a cliché […]

First Day of School

Yesterday I posted some thoughts about College Drop Off Day.  Today, I’m looking at the other end of the spectrum – First Day of School (especially first graders). The first day of First Grade is an exciting time for students and overwhelming moment for parents.  Two decades later, I still have part of a lump […]

College Drop Off Day Success

For millions of children, August means back-to-school.  For some, August will present an entirely new life experience – college.  Having dropped off a couple kids at college already, I’m keenly aware of the cocktail of personal and family emotions that “Drop Off Day” (DOD) brings.  This short video captures DOD our first time around.  Note: […]

School Daze

My journey toward Empty Nesting is now just days… heartbeats… away. Youngest son will wave goodbye to Mommy and Daddy in less than three weeks and be off on his “grown up” journey. Many of my readers are in my shoes. Many others of my readers are preparing for the first day of Elementary School. […]

File Under: Time Flies

I want to share something pretty interesting with my IGTBTD readers today. Friends of mine, Duane and his son, Curran, recently participated in some wacky steeplechase-ironman-grungefest. There was all kinds of running through mud and fire and everything wonderful. Here’s a picture of the two of them going through one of the water hazards.  What a […]

“Am I Kissing Him Too Much?”

“Am I kissing him too much?” When my first son was born, I was overwhelmed with joy and love. I just wanted to gobble him up with affection. But I had never been down this path of life before and I didn’t know what was “proper”. I think every dad shares that vulnerability. A new […]

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What’s Worse?

The old joke goes something like this… Q: What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? A: Finding half a worm. Here’s another one… Q: What’s worse than an unsupervised three year old learning how to start a lawnmower? A: … we’ll get to that in a minute First, I want to tell you […]

Flip The Script

My research associates at the Internet tell me that “Mother’s Day began in 1870 and became official in 1914 while Father’s Day only became official in 1972”. Furthermore, my associates inform me, “In recent years, retailers have adapted to the holiday by promoting greeting cards and traditionally masculine gifts such as electronics and tools.” My […]

Dads, Amp It Up!

My youngest son’s plans for a high school Senior Trip did not materialize as he had hoped, so he invited my wife and I to host him in Chicago for a long weekend. Our pleasure! Over five days we took in all the sites and calories our feet and waistlines could withstand. Downtown Chicago is […]

March Dadness

A long season of college basketball is winding down to the championship round. The wins and losses are tallied and a few go on, most go home. As always, the stories behind the game are what matter, what last. Hot off the press, enjoy this interview I just did with Kansas basketball legend, Danny Manning. […]