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Hard drives are particularly sensitive. If they opened without following the proper technique plates and the axis of rotation of the motor is misaligned. Also, the manufacture of a high-density disc as is done in a controlled environment free from particles. Any part of the process is potentially destructive to the information. That’s why data recovery only does specialized companies.

Data Recovery België

TCS Computers Date Recovery

Professional companies offer agreements signed confidentiality and adhere to good practice and procedures, which allow anonymity of the clients. In addition, most of the review of the information is made by automatic way, in which no one person can review your files.

When we have abdominal pain should go to a doctor, who correctly diagnosed us the disease and treatment. If the problem is internal, we operate in a controlled environment and put our life in the hands of specialists. With hard disks the situation is similar. If the information is important not to jeopardize methods or people who do not have the facilities, tools and the capacity to deal with these cases. Visit this link For more tips about data recovery Belgie.

If you suffered data loss, it is best to resort to TCS Computers data recovery experts in Belgium. The data recovery process is done as;

  • A noninvasive diagnostic to determine the type of failure is made.
  • Only if there is no risk in the process and even if the disc is recognized by the system, a copy sector of the disk (called image) becomes.
  • If no external physical damage proceeds to emergency repair.
  • If there is damage firmware proceeds to repair or update thereof, as appropriate (may be physical or logical means, and using a special console).
  • If there is damage to external components, it is necessary to change and reprogramming.
  • Depending on the fault may be required emergency repairs, replacement of parts or change of dishes.
  • Once TCS Computers experts get the “image”, extracted or reconstructed information.

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  • Recovered files are tested and rebuild those found damaged or incomplete.
  • A list is made and sent to the client for evaluation.
  • If no internal physical damage TCS Computers proceed to a second diagnosis in a controlled environment to avoid contamination.

Each said step meets a need and is part of an overall process. You cannot “jump” one of the procedures for otherwise high risks or just can’t advance.

Did you lose access to your files? You can count on the services of data recovery to recover your data.

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