Portable Stage For Hire – Creativity And Convenience

To make a dramatic impact for your presentation or you are organizing a play, a music concert or production, a portable staging system is the best solution that will please the crowd. You can hire portable stage as they are available in different types for both indoor and outdoor shows or events. As every event is very important for you where you will be viewed and judged by the people, friends or the media. You want to put your best in every aspect of the show including the stage. Portable stage risers give more visibility of all performers that help in judging at contests.


How to construct the support column for a lightweight stage deck?

  • Cut four pieces of plywood for each column 60 cm high by 45 cm wide. Each notch piece at the end of a short side of 7.5 cm width and 9 cm in height.
  • Glue and nail together pieces with all notches, facing the same way in a column of 45 cm by 49.5 cm wide.
  • Make pilot holes and add at least two screws 3.2 cm at each joint platform. The column is designed to keep the corners of four platforms together. Use one column for each corner where two or more platforms are at each corner and one outside.
  • Add staples to the junctions between the platforms for maximum stability.
  • Put carpet on the underside of the plywood or grip on foam insulation will help to reduce noise. The idea is to set your stage for outdoor events or road concrete.

Use plywood of different heights as wedges, for even rows as needed. If the event is being set up on grass, use squares of plywood 61 cm to set columns to avoid sinking.  

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However, you can leave the whole task of designing the stage to the service provider company’s staff after giving them brief instructions, and they will come up with ideas that will wow you. They not only help you with platform for your event, but also provide you equipment like sound systems, etc. You can get the best deals at more affordable rates. They can manage transportation, setting up and dismantling of the stage to save you time. From catwalks to talks and panel discussions at conferences, renting a portable stage is the right solution.

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